Magnum+ Tire Balancing Beads 6.5 OZ Case (24 Bags)


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In the Box - 20 x 10 oz. bags of Magnum High Precision Balancing Beads

  • Timesaving, hassle-free tire balancing solution. No machines. No rebalancing.
  • Case with individually packaged bags containing the toss-in insert bag of tire balancing beads.
  • Big enough to never obstruct a valve core. No special valve core to install.
  • TPMS compatible.
  • 100% tempered glass. It cannot break, disintegrate, absorb moisture, freeze or stick together.
  • Trust SilverBack Automotive for your vehicle maintenance needs! Quick and Reliable!

Our tire balancing beads earned their reputation over the years as a top-quality internal balancing compound that is completely safe for the tire and its components.

There’s not a single balancing job that can’t be done with MAGNUM+, no matter the size or type of tire – truck, SUV/van, car and off-road tires, for summer and winter- you can trust the original internal balancing bead brand that’s been on the market for more than 25 years. Just toss the bag of beads in the tire and mount it as usual. Free of silica-based coating, recyclable and reusable. The beads will outlast your tires.

Dynamic internal balancing will:

  • Eliminate vibrations caused by any heavy spots
  • Promote consistent tread wear and longevity of the tire
  • Improve gas mileage


Whereas external balancing (using weights) only balances tires according to their condition at a specific point in time, internal balancing continuously adapts to the new heavy spots that form around the tire.

Continuously adapts to imbalances that appear as you drive.

Lasts for the entire life of the tire, unlike weights that can fall off.

Installation is super simple.

The savings in time are HUGE.

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Weight 156 oz
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 6 in


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